Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ironically enough 30% of people who came to this blog recently were searching for information on an Msn error code 81000306. Yes I know I do talk about Msn once in a while but... 30%! Wow. Those searching to meet people were merely 46%.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why I rather avoid chatting with Haitians

I feel like the circle is closing around me, it's diameter has become smaller and smaller. I'm thinking that maybe in the days to come someone will send me a IM and say "..hey I know you and you know me but I wont tell you who I am..." Ok, I may be a wee bit paranoid... but

After meeting Desylf I met a Haitian who lives in Haiti, I tend to avoid Haitians online, unless it's a girl. With guys it's always the same : "...when do we meet?" NEVER!!!

[ Well they might not ask me that during the first conversation but they always do sooner or later. Am I completely against the idea of having a lice meeting with someone I first met on the net? No, actually, but Haitian guys don't invite Haitian girls they barely know to lunch or I don't know what other social activity just so they can see her face to face... Please! If you want to chat with me, it's ok, as long as I have free time for that, but if you want a date there is Yahoo Personals and other match making sites. - By the way I understand that what I just said about Haitian guys probably also applies to guys of other nationalities - ]

I've met another Haitian through Yahoo! Amazing the way it happened. I used to think I was the only person who ever took the time to browse the Yahoo! members' directory, once again I was wrong. Since he doesn't want me to write about him and since I really wanted to do it, I'm not mentioning his name I'll call him Pierre.

Pierre found my profile somehow and sent me an IM. I did not recognize the ID of that person who was writing in French and sending me a message while I hadn't been in any chat room. He told me he was searching for a cute girl. I wondered how he could tell I was cute if he hadn't even seen my picture. Well it's all in the power of attraction of my Yahoo! ID. After a few messages I thought he sounded Haitian and I was right. Once again I started to worry a little, "...oh no another Haitian! Could he be one of my colleagues or maybe someone from my university?..." I was telling him that I might be one of his female colleagues but the youngest woman at his office is 28!

He said I could ask him anything expect for the amount of money he has on his bank account -with all the kidnappings going on in the capital city here these days you can never be too careful-. In the end, I saw him on webcam and, no, he does not know me and I don't know him. He seems like an honest man with honorable motivations but frankly... I'm NOT AT ALL interested in meeting him. No? I did not mention he wanted to go out with me, of course he does! He is a Haitian living here right? You thought I was exaggerating when I said all those things before.......

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The new Sumit

Sumit has indeed changed, like I've said before. But I'm starting to like him... again though for different reasons now. What can I say? He's cool, in fact he's always been cool. Yes. And I think I've finally figured out what has changed in him, he's just grown. Yes, There is a girl involved in that change but that's not all there is to it. He's just not the same as a few years back.