Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Yahoo Chat Rooms are working

I was having this problem lately, I was unable to properly chat in chat rooms because each time I entered I saw nobody else chatting even though there were people present in the room. I had to use Yahelite to finally be able to actually chat with people inside the rooms.

Since I don't like to give up on Yahoo [messenger] I tried again to enter the chat rooms with messenger and this time, it actually worked. I didn't change anything from last time but for some reason I was able to chat with people! I had almost forgotten what it was like, the bots, the bots, the bots, the guys looking for c2c (cam-to-cam) chat and the bots.

On Using YahElite
On Being booted and Yahlite

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Chat Rooms for Yahoo messenger Vista

Why I would not use Yahoo! messenger for Vista even if I had Vista on my computer.

Did you know that the Vista version of Yahoo! messenger does not have chat rooms, webcam or message archiving? I could live without webcam really but no chat rooms and no message archiving! That's inconceivable. How could they even come up with a messenger that does not allow message archiving?

You can see a side-by-side comparison of all the current Yahoo! messenger versions here.

The XP versions (8 and 9) are the ones with the most features, in fact the only feature the XP version lacks is the Tabbed IM Windows.

Hopefully for people using Windows Vista you don't have to use the Vista version of Yahoo! messenger, you may still use the version 8 or 9 that work on Vista as well.

Meet People Online at is part social network, part blogging service with video and photo hosting, it's also part forum. Hard for me to say if it's a social network with blog or a blogging service with social networking. is still in Beta so expect a few bugs. Create Blog

I strongly recommend you read the Terms of Use before you join Why? Because does not allow the use of its service for commercial purposes. They don't allow users to post affiliate links or advertisement. If you plan to start a blog and create a profile on keep in mind that it will be solely for non-commercial use.

What exactly can you do at Well you can create a blog of course, post in the forums, take part in surveys, browse and watch videos, photos or listen to podcast. Of course you may also create your own surveys, post your photos, upload your videos and podcasts. The site also has a Charity page with suggested Charities to which you may donate money. promises free unlimited bandwidth, I can't tell you exactly what they mean by "unlimited" but free means you don't have to pay for it :p

The site has an annual Vacation Getaway. Each year, some of their top members travel to a new and exotic destination. Last year they went to Las Vegas. They have yet to select a destination for this year but they will be selecting a few members to join them on their getaway. You may see a video of highlights from last year's trip. is also part social networking. You may add your friends and family on the site and have quick access to their content. Thoughts asks you if you wish to search for friends from your email address book, I usually don't use this method as I prefer to add friends manually.

I've looked around the forums a bit and the members are very active there. Presently I'm not sure I want to start a blog on mostly because I like to have full control over what I put on my blog and I want to have the freedom to use it for commercial purposes if I wish but I might spend some time browsing photos and videos and maybe participate in forum discussions.

Overall, is an easy way to start a blog and put your content online. Blogs are a good way to meet people online especially if you take time to interact with other users by commenting on their blogs and responding to their comments on yours.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Using YahElite

I have finally tried YahElite. It's a free chat client that you can use for IM with your Yahoo messenger contacts and Yahoo Chat rooms as well. Of course YahElite is free to use but it's not and official Yahoo chat client.

In all the years I've used Yahoo messenger I've only been booted once. Therefore I don't really use YahElite to protect myself from booters I use it to make my chat room experience better. YahElite allows you to enter Yahoo Chat without having to open a browser window. Though you have to enter the captcha text for word verification, YahElite gives you the text to enter without getting out of the program. I find it more practical than the way Yahoo messenger does it.

Additionally, YahElite auto ignores most bots that you might encounter in a chat room. You no longer have to keep tract of each and every bot to ignore manually.

Also I've found that sometimes when switching rooms YahElite does not ask you for captcha. Not only does the captcha process take less time than it would with Yahoo messenger, sometimes you don't have to go through it at all which makes room hoping fun again.

Last but not least. While I've been unable to chat in the Yahoo chat rooms using my Yahoo messenger 8, YahElite has no problem logging me in to the rooms and letting me chat with the other users present. With Yahoo messenger, when I enter the room, even after the word verification I don't see any other chatters, no matter what room I'm in. I don't have that problem with YahElite, if the people are there, I will see them. And this is the main reason why I use YahElite.

The YahElite interface is not as intuitive as the Yahoo messenger interface and many users might feel lost if they try to use it but it's a very efficient tool for people who enjoy spending time in chat rooms and are experiencing various problems with Yahoo messenger.

This has been an update on YahElite, you may read my original post on Yahlite.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Last day to win a Gold Membership on Friendfinder

Only a few more hours (the deadline is July 14, 2008 at 11:59 PM PST) to enter the part 2 of Friendfinder's "Silly Snapshots & Clever Quips Contest". Sorry you missed the first part but I didn't find the time to write about it before the deadline.

Entering the contest is free but you need to join Friendfinder first. You will need to provide caption for the three photos that you can see at this page.

What is the Silly Snapshots & Clever Quips Contest?

Here's what the people at Friendfinder have to say about it

" It's time to show off your wicked wit by creating captions for the top 3 photos in part two of our Silly Snapshots & Clever Quips Contest. Be sexy, be silly, be ironic, be a smartass...just be clever and you could win a Gold membership!

You may enter captions for any or all of these photos, but be sure to keep your captions down to about one sentence or 25 words maximum each - the shorter the better. Once you've come up with your witty captions, post them below. Don't forget to indicate which photo each caption is for.

If you're captioning more than one entry, be sure to post them separately to increase your chances of winning!

All entries must adhere to the Terms of Use. "

Each caption should be one sentence of 25 words maximum.

What will you win?

(3) 6-month Gold memberships

One winning caption will be chosen for each of the three photos. The members who submitted the winning captions will each receive 6-months of Gold membership.

Did you know that Friendfinder also has Free Chat Rooms?