Saturday, November 12, 2005

November 15th

Ankit told me he would be back on November 15th. In spite of the bad experience I had with Ankit, I still enjoy talking to him. I must say, he did apologize. The last time we talked we were in August and now, finally the date is near, next week he will be coming back online.

I wrote about Ankit before…After I realized the effect my post and comment had on him, I did two things, first of all I deleted that comment, second, I decided I would not use this blog to make anyone feel bad or to put someone down. I'll try to focus on the good things about people and when I do write about the bad ones, I'll keep it impersonal as much as possible.


He did come back! Not that I ever doubted ;)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Meet Basam

I was chatting with Basam (Ghazal) this morning, he was at home and his cam was on. Basam is a very nice young man.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I can't believe how awful my blog looked on Internet Explorer. What a mess! Since I use Firefox I had no clue until recently.

It all started when I got upset with the Google Adsense Ads that where showing on one of my post pages, I couldn't believe these ads. Did you know that you can't filter the Adsense ads by key word. I thought it was surprising since it would be the most efficient form of filtering. But no, to filter ads with Adsense you have to know the websites you don't want to show up and add them to your filter. Now, ok, so all I have to do is go on the page note the url and add it to my filter, not quite since the ads that show up on a page are not always the same for every single page load and then, the ads that show up are not the same for viewers around the world.
I couldn't believe these ads really! It was a rather old, simple and short post, the only reason why I went on that page was because I was checking my counter statistics and someone was sent there by a search engine.

I decided on that day to take off the Adsense ads, on post pages at least. I left the ones on my main and archive pages for now since they seemed to be ok and they do fill space on my sidebar!!!

So instead of deleting the scripts from my template, I commented them -a reflex-. I'm not good at template modifying, in the end I made an awful job, I did not even have (take) the time to test it properly (with IE). A big mistake! For some reason I was looking at my blog using IE, I started searching for my cbox only to realize it had been shifted all the way down with the rest of the side bar. I apologize to most of you coming here who use IE, sorry, next time I'll test my template with IE also...if I don't forget...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How I'm feeling these days

Depending on my mood there are certain songs that come to my mind. I used to like alternative rock, and I also used to have a Cranberries CD (Ode to my family) but someone else liked it more than I did and I no longer have it.

The Cranberries
is an alternative rock irish band. Since it's alternative music, there's a lot of sadness and melancholy in most of the songs in that album. The song that's playing in my head these days is "Dreaming my Dreams". Even though Dolores O'Riordan says she wrote it on a day when she found happiness if you hear me singing(!) or just humming it, you wont need to ask me, you will hear my sadness.

Dreaming my dreams

All the things you said to me today
Changed my perspective in every way
These things count to mean so much to me

Into my faith you
And your baby
It's out there
If you want me
I'll be here
It's out there

I'll be dreaming my dreams
With you
And there's no other places
That I'd lay down my face
I'll be dreaming my dreams with you

It's out there
If you want me, I'll be here
I'll be dreaming my dreams with you
And there's no other places that I'd lay down my face
I'll be dreaming my dreams with you

"Dreaming my dreams was written on December 25th 1993, Where I found happiness"

by Dolores O'Riordan

Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, this sadness was triggered by someone I met online.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


There's a movie called JARHEAD coming in theaters in the US soon. The title made me laugh, it reminded me of a conversation I had with a US soldier in Iraq. I was telling him how I think that marines are always ready to shoot and how when you are around them you should be really careful what you do otherwise they might feel threatened and start shooting. I was thinking about the last time the US troops were here and how they shot a few civilians in unclear circumstances. He told me never to call a marine a Jarhead -he was not a marine himself-.

According to the people in one of theYahoo! military chat rooms, a Jarhead is a marine but they don't like to be called jarheards, I wonder why...!!!