Sunday, January 30, 2005

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 6

There are two things that I appreciate a lot, especially coming from people with whom I have chatted for many weeks, one of them is when they say that they enjoy chatting with me and the other one is when they say they miss chatting with me (happens when they don’t find me online often). I’m not talking about an “enjoyed talking to u but have 2 go now bye”, no no no. It goes more like this: we’re in the middle of the conversation and the person tells you that he enjoys chatting with you very much, that’s very nice. The “I miss u” is almost guaranteed to make my heart melt especially online or as offline messages, always sweet!

My “relationship” with Pablo (Valencia,Venezuela,25) is unusual. We -he rather- usually don’t take the time to say bye when we can’t chat anymore. We –he rather- don’t feel that we have to maintain the conversation at any cost, if we really have nothing to say or ask well we keep silent and neither him nor I will buzz the other or ask questions like “Are u there?” or say “Hellooo?”. That guy really is unusual.

Day 5

I guess I’m getting really boring.

I have learned that while chatting with someone you must always know when to leave. If the conversation is fading, and the other person is asking you questions like “what else?” or “are you there?” then you know it’s probably time for you to leave. At that point there aren’t many good reasons for sticking around and trying to find something to say. Obviously the other person doesn’t have much to say to you either so say bye and use the stealth settings to appear offline to that contact and go chat with someone you haven’t bore to death yet (or the other way around).

I’ve added so many people to my list lately that I’m having a hard time keeping track of who’s who. I have made a few groups and put the people I talk to the most in the first one and so on, I also made a group for each person with more than one ID. Hopefully I have the archive; in case I forget someone’s asl I can always check before saying Hi! Still those measures are insufficient and browsing through the archive can be tiring.

Day 3

I spoke to Pablo again (Valencia, Venezuela,25), he made me laugh and smile. I can’t believe he hadn’t seen my photo yet. I guess he just didn’t ask for it, those days I show it to almost everyone who asks. It’s the longest we’ve talked so far, it was fun and weird. I told him that I had googled his named and found many results, I even found his photo. Now, that just scared him. I didn’t want him to think I was a freak or a stalker or whatever you would call it. He went on to try to find the same results I found, he had to admit I was a good “searcher” - you bet!-. I think I scared him. I’ll say it again, Pablo is so funny and nice! Guess what; he also tried to search for me (as if!). And he found nothing, not a single result. I’m just not as famous as he his!!!

I told him my complete name and he thought my surname was funky! He does have his way with words! Pablo is so cool!

Met a chava from Mexico. Well she didn’t stay around long. I wonder why girls are seldom interested in chatting with me and even less interested in adding me to their lists? I would be grateful to anyone who can give me an answer to that question (please?).

Day 4

I’m meeting many Latino Americans those days. The only problem is that most of them don’t speak English and my Spanish is just so poor. I said the weirdest thing to one of them; I said “eres mi”. I didn’t even realize what I said until he asked me, puzzled: “I am you?”, that was funny! I guess I was really distracted! Well it just sounded nicely I didn’t really think about it.

My knowledge of India has made many Indians think that I am Indian myself. Funny, cause I only have extremely limited geographical knowledge of that country. But since I keep on meeting people who live in the same areas I can gather much info on a single city or state and use it later on to impress the new Indians I meet. Strangely enough I have never come across an Indian woman, only Indian guys. Indians are usually nice and they seem to be a bit naïve. They go ahead and give you all their personal infos without you even asking. I guess they just trust people and think they say nothing to be ashamed of during the chats.

Day 2

Not a good chatting day, I did not have much time for that activity today, but still….

I talked to Antonio again (Dominican living in CT,25). He had excuses for not letting me see his picture even though I insisted, he also wanted to see me again –and he did-. Chatting in Spanish can be painful especially when I’m busy and that the person is using slang. I still don’t get him he’s weird.

Met a new Indian (Pavan,24) from Andrha Pradesh (again), but he works in Saudi Arabia, he has brown hair and no mustache. He said he is 24 but he looks like he’s 19! He even smiles like a teen-ager –yes I saw him live on webcam-. We talked about programming –somebody said serious chat?-. He also wanted my mobile phone number so he could add it to his phone. I’m wondering, is he actually going to try to call me?

Didn’t have a chance to put my hands on my “unseizable” Venezuelan friend (Pablo,25), he kept going online and offline –You just wait until I get my hands on you!- .

Met an Italian (Fabio,37), the talked started nicely until finally he reveals himself as an XXX guy -that’s how Sunny would call him!-. Definitely not for me but he still managed to remain polite.

I met someone who told me he was Indian but strangely he did not ask for my name, therefore I started having doubts. So I told him, ”How come you haven’t asked for my name”. His reaction was surprising, “so sorry I forgot to ask you”. Well I had no doubt about him being Indian after that reply. About that habit of Indians to ask you for your name, Ravi (Indian in Hyderabad) stopped talking to me once because I didn’t want to tell him my name. I was using another Id to see whether he was really busy or just not in the mood to talk to me that day –I know I’m so bad- and well I did catch his attention. Things started well, I know his interests so I know what to tell him to keep him talking but I felt I couldn’t lie to him, he is honest and well so nice! I did not want to tell him my name and spent much time telling him it was not yet important etc… Nothing to it, he insisted and finally gave up. I never used that Id with him again; I know he has had enough of this other me.

Day 1

Today I met a new Dominican (Antonio,25). He sounded interesting and interested, had no problem with me being black –so he said-. He asked me whether I was married at some point in the conversation and when I said no he asked whether I had children, I’m wondering, what difference does that make to him? Don’t know. In the end he didn’t add me on his list or asked me to add him. But he did say he would show me his picture tomorrow, if he does he will deserve me writing about him again, personally I don’t believe he will, we will know soon enough, patience. I know almost nothing about him, not even what he does for a living.

I met my new Venezuelan (Pablo,25) contact again. He is irresistibly funny! What can I say; he really can make me laugh. He’s also nice, surprisingly nice I must say, and not ugly (cute). Don’t bother ladies, I won’t give you his id :))! It seems that we are at the same stage of life, not completely out of school but already working -in connected fields-. He has this quick and efficient humor, guaranteed to make you laugh or smile at least. Unfortunately, my Spanish is not getting much better with him, we only chat in English –so far that is-.

Chatted also with my enthusiastic Indian friend (Sunny,25) from Mumbai (Bombay). You know what, we still enjoy talking to each other. He is very nice also, though that’s obvious since if he weren’t nice he would have been out of my list a long time ago. And I thought he might not want to talk to me anymore after that time we spoke about democracy in his country when he ended up saying that I made no point –how is that possible I ask myself- and also he said I am not willing to submit my believes to the scrutiny of logic –I can’t believe he actually said that-.

I met a number of people –men of course- who stopped talking to me when they knew my race, others stopped when they saw my picture :p , I didn’t know I could scare people away that fast! Girls, women, they usually don’t stick around too long, it starts nicely the first time and maybe a few other times also then soon we have nothing to say to each other, I’m still not interesting enough for any girl a woman to want to chat with me for at least a month or two.

My techy Indian friend in Hyderabad (Ravi,25) has not come online lately, I’m worried, he used to be there every day and now, I have to admit I miss him even though we never chat too long. He’s often busy with his work and for him it’s work first and then work and then after work maybe have some fun. He is one of those who did not mind me being a man or a woman; he didn’t mind my race or my country of origin or of residency. He saw me as a human being with whom he shared interests. He is one of those rare people I have IMed first and with whom I’m still talking; we’ve been talking for a number of months. I’ll repeat myself and say that he is very nice. He enjoys quotes from famous people, and jokes mostly computer/programming related jokes.


According to Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary from FUNK & WAGNALLS, INC., NEW YORK 1981, a Chat is an "easy, informal conversation" and a Chatterbox is "an incessant talker"

According to me a Chatteress is a female (master) chatter.
I’m out there using yahoo messenger 6 and meeting people from all over the world (almost), and I’m telling you about it!