Saturday, November 18, 2006

TV shows in Yahoo Chat

Is Yahoo! affiliated with certain TV stations/networks?

I went into the "Entertainment & Arts-> Television" Yahoo! Rooms list. I wanted to chat about a TV show I've seen recently, it's called Dateline: To catch a Predator.

Interestingly enough, since I'm using the US version of Yahoo messenger, when I go into the Televison Category there is an impressive list of Television shows many having gone through their final season already. But, strangely enough I did not find a few very popular shows I've watched sometimes like Lost or the more recent Heroes. Just so you would know, until the series go wrong, I am a Heroes fan. I used to enjoy watching Lost but I lost track of the story because I'm not a regular viewer. So I ended up in the TV Lobby. When I tried to ask people about the Dateline: To catch a Predator, the only response I had was one of the chatters asking me if I was one of those "predators".

I'll be writing about this show again, soon.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

More spam via Yahoo! Messenger

I've been receiving a message from an ID (chat_software.downloads_rb) that I don't recognize . It's really odd since those messages are sent to an ID that I don't even use to go in chat rooms. Nevertheless I received spam on it.

Here's the message I was sent:
chat_software.downloads_rb: Want to read the conversations your husband, wife and kids are having on Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN?

I'll advise you not to visit those websites and to report the ID as spam and if you do visit the websites out of curiosity DO NOT BUY the product they are selling you. You should never buy anything from spammers.

When you visit the url you are redirected to or or They seem to use more than one address therefore, the one you are sent to may vary.

I don't know if you'll catch any viruses from their site but I did not get any... Still be careful if your computer is not protected by an antivirus, you never know...

Need to call your friends abroad? is Your international pre-paid phone cards provider.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On nice people

I've met a young man named Vishal (Delhi, 23), he is overwhelmingly nice to me. It's amazing! Since the very first time we chatted until this day, he has always been so very nice. I was musing, thinking about questions on my lifestyle, and I shared those questions with him, not that he knew anything about me, it was the first time we had ever chatted. Well, the amazing part is that he actually took the time to answer each one of them when I finally gave him a chance to write something. If someone had done that to me I would probably start by saying, "well..." and without giving any answers I would probably ask more questions myself. Although Vicky is only 23 you do feel the fact that he had many responsibilities early on in life. He talks like a person who has had a very long life experience. Every time I meet someone as nice as Vishal the question I ask myself is how can someone be so nice?

You can Meet nice people online at Wordfriends.

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On married men

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