Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saying goodbye

One of the people I met online 'and' in person has leaft the country. I've mentioned him once (briefly) in my meeting people offline post. He lived in Haiti for about two years. We met on a travel site and somehow, since we live in the same small city we just came accross each other, more than once, without even planning too. Though, we mostly kept in touch via Yahoo! messenger.

So, he has left the country to go work in Africa. Without the Internet, my world would probably have never crossed his. He's living proof that you can meet nice, decent, "normal" people on the internet. Now I'm not saying he's the only nice and decent person I've met on the internet but so far, no, not at all but, of all of them, he's the only one I've had the chance to meet in person, yes, and I mean it.

As I think of it, He is not really a "net friend" eventhough we initially met on the net, he's more like a real life aquaintance.

Hello Dozy are you still in Delhi =)

I've talked to Dozy on the phone and after that conversation I told him while chatting that he materialized. Yes I know he did not quite get me. As I said, it was like one more dimension was added to the knowledge I had of him. I knew the sound of his voice, somewhat.. because I know phone voice is a bit different from actual voice but it's close enough. It was fun(ny) he did not recognize me even though I told him my name... He really did sound very different from what I had anticipated, me and my anticipations...


I talked to Dozy once more that time he was expecting my call so he did recognize me and, was nice. He sounded more like the Dozy I chat with, really!!!!