Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make friends at 3gb

If you're looking for a place to make friends online and chat for free, you should try 3gb.

Yes I know, you're already a member of hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Facebook and others so you're asking yourself, why should I join yet another social networking site? Well, at 3gb you can connect with old and new friends, upload your photos, join groups, write blogs and send email to other members. These are features that you do find on most social networking sites but unlike some of them, 3gb has chat rooms and offers online songs, online live radio and shoutcast. Chat rooms are one of the most requested feature on social networking sites since many don't offer them.

The majority of 3gb users are from the USA, Egypt and the Philippines, they also have members from other countries but they are not as numerous as those from the three countries I've just mentioned.

The live radio server is the most popular feature of 3gb. With this feature, each user can be a DJ and broadcast to other members of the community. The live radio server allows you to share what you are listening to, on your computer, with your friends on 3gb. I've also found blogs to be quite popular among 3gb members, many do create and maintain blogs.

The admin at 3gb is also a member of the community and he's available for contact and exchange if you do have queries or need help.

Unlike most other social networking site I've found 3gb to be almost picture less. Indeed when you think of social networking you think of lots of pictures of people who look happy hanging out together and being friends, I've found none of that at 3gb. The only people pictures were those found in members' albums, obviously the admins decided to go with a sober look. Oddly enough, 3gb reminded of another site I've written about a while ago, Perfspot. I'm still a Perfspot member even though I have not come to like the place more but I tend to stick around and see how sites evolve over time. 3gb's layout is quite similar to Perfspot's but Perfspot has lots of pictures and also videos. But both sites use a gray border and they have similar layouts.

I like the fact that 3gb is well organized, the menu makes it really easy to find your way around the site. I also like the fact that they have chat rooms, you know how much I like to chat.

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