Friday, December 28, 2007

It's free communication weekend again at eHarmony

An important reminder if you intend to take advantage of this special promotion, read the fine lines in the email announcing the event:

Free Communication Weekend begins Thursday, December 27th and ends Sunday, December 30th at 11:59pm PT. Does not include Photos, FastTrack or Secure Call communication.

Good luck getting to Open communication by Sunday.

I'll refer you the previous posts I've written about eHarmony's Free Communication Weekend, take some time to read the comments also. I'm calling this collection "All you need to know about eHarmony's free communication weekends or Almost".

I probably wont be writing much about eHarmony's free communication weekends anymore. Really I don't see what more I can say on the subject unless they apply changes to the way it's done maybe an extension? Five days instead of four? How about allowing FastTrack? Just a suggestion. I wonder why they had to come up with such a long name, it sounds so formal I've thought about using FCW instead...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Yahoo chat rooms or free chat with bots

Back in August, Yahoo! decided to use word verification also called captcha, in order to fight bots in Yahoo! Chat. I suppose it was the most trivial solution available to them. It's a big annoyance to have to enter the distorted word each time you go to a room. It's a nightmare for room hoppers like myself.

If you regularly go in to one room or only a the same few rooms all the time then you shouldn't mind the captcha. When Yahoo first rolled it out, the rooms were emptier cleaner. And the common chatter was wondering what bot creators are doing now that captcha was keeping their bots from invading Yahoo! chat? Well they were getting prepared to fight back. Once they found a way around the captcha they must have praised Yahoo!'s name for allowing them to be even more present in the chat rooms than they've ever been in the past.

There were days when you would quickly change rooms when the one you landed in happened to be occupied by bots only. Now before you get into a room you say a quick prayer hoping that you wont land in a bot-only room. Because you fear having to go through captcha again, again and again before you feel tired of trying to chat and never being able to actually do it.

To know how the Yahoo chatters feel about the change read the comments to a blog post announcing the captcha on the Yahoo! messenger official blog. I also left a comment there. If you don't want to leave my blog for the Yahoo messenger blog (I love you!) here's the comment I left there

"The latest commenters have summarized what Yahoo! chat room users have been experiencing, inconvenience with the captcha and annoyance with bots. Word verification is never fun but people accept to go through it when they feel that it’s helpful in fighting spam. Real people have to endure word verification every single time they want to go in a room (and not just once while entering Yahoo Chat which is how I think it should work), added to that they still have the same problem with bots. I didn’t like the captcha solution when the bots hadn’t yet found a way around it but since most chatters felt better to have clean rooms I cheered with them thinking the days of bot filled rooms were over. Unfortunately it’s not the case and I think that with the current situation there are two factors driving people away from Yahoo chat, the bots and the word verification. As I like to say, I’m a room hopper, when I chat I like to go from room to room doing that with the captcha is discouraging to say the least."

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