Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Worldfriends Valentine's day special

Read Why you should join Worldfriends today

If you're a members who subscribes for a VIP, OpenClub or VIP+OpenClub membership for the first time, Worldfriends will double your subscription's duration. Even better for the members who subscribe for a whole year, the subscription will be converted to a lifetime subscription. But there is a deadline for those incredible deals, it's midnight on February 14th. Which leaves you about 8 days to finally upgrade your Worldfriends membership.

I personally prefer the VIP membership because it gives you complete control over who you're in contact with. But if you are the very busy type and don't have time to browse profiles in search of the best matches OpenClub might be right for you because it allows others to contact you for free. Some people have both to put all the chances on their side. I've made quite a few friends on Worldfriends, maybe too many...

So what I previously called an unbelievable promotion is not going to be around for ever, of course not! I still can't believe they are offering life long premium memberships!!!

One important detail to keep in mind. This offer is only valid for new subscribers. If you had already subscribed in the past you are not eligible for this new offer. I believe the people at Worldfriends are making an effort to attract new subscribers. Maybe a promotion aimed at old subscribers will be revealed in the future. In the mean time, with the all the new VIP and OpenClub members, you might have many more matches contacting you.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why you should join Worldfriends today

See Worldfriends' Valentine's day special

Worldfriends is having a crazy, unbelievable promotion right now, for new subscribers. When you subscribe for 1 month of VIP membership you get 3 months VIP membership instead, that's an additional 2 months free. I told you it is crazy but it gets better. You buy 3 months of VIP you get 6 months, you buy 6 months you get 12 months and last and craziest of all you buy 12 months and you become a Worldfriends VIP for life!

I've never heard of a lifetime membership for the price of a 1 year membership, no other offer can beat that one. So it's now or never, if you were already a Worldfriends member and never upgraded now is your chance to do it for life. There are also promotions for Open Club members, you buy 3 months of Open Club membership and get 6 months. It is said that Open club members receive on average one email a day on Worldfriends, so that might just be the type of membership you need.

But what is better than a life time VIP membership on Worldfriends? I'll tell you, a lifetime VIP+OpenClub membership! Yes, if you purshase 12 months VIP+OpenClub membership from Worldfriends they give you the VIP+OpenClub membership for life! It's too tempting.

As I like to say, even as a free member on Worldfriends you receive more service than you'll ever do as a member of any free dating/language exchange/penpal/friendship site out there. For those of you who think Worldfriends is a little expensive I can tell you from experience that the service is worth the money you pay for it. They accept both Paypal and credit card payments.

I can't believe they aren't making more noise with this. I don't know how long this promotion is going to last but I wouldn't wait around too long if I were you.

Now for those of you who have not yet joined Worldfriends, let me give you a little insight.

Worldfriends is a web site that connects people who are looking for language exchange partners or language teachers, penpals, dates, activity partners or a life partner or simply someone to show them around town while they are abroad. Shortly put, they are looking to meet people online for various reasons. It's for adults only, meaning that you must be 18 or over to join.

Worldfriends is for internationally minded adults who are serious about meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. There is a large group of Asian members and members from Oceania. There is a huge number of Japanese members wishing to meet people to help them practice English and offering to help with learning Japanese. In fact, there is also a really great number of non-Japanese members wanting to learn the Japanese language and looking for a native Japanese speaker to help them. Also there are many people who are about to visit Japan and want to make a Japanese friend before they arrive there. It's the ideal place to find a Japanese friend online to help you learn Japanese.

Six quick facts about Worldfriends:
  1. They have over 1,400,000 members and 650,000 photos from all countries around the world.
  2. The members detailed information that is submitted in their profiles is used to find your desired match.
  3. You may search and browse full profiles even as a free member.
  4. Contact on worldfriends can be done by email, text messaging voice chat or video chat
  5. OpenClub membership allows free members to contact you for free. It allows you to be found and contacted for free by any member who is interested in you.
  6. VIP membership allows you to contact only the members that you wish to contact.
I believe I've said enough but if you need more convincing head over to Worldfriends right now.