Friday, December 22, 2006

Yes, I'm still here

Have you been wondering why I don't write much here anymore? No? Oh! I'll proceed anyway...

Well, I've been more busy than usual lately and I have not chatted much, except for a little catching up with a few school friends of mine who are living abroad now and a few "hi how are you-s" here and there for just a few minutes, nothing much. Well in the mean time I've been meeting quite a few people online but by other means and I've managed to maintain a minimum of correspondence with my e-friends so they can know that I'm still alive, but that's about it.

Maybe this blog has served its purpose and needs.... a change of focus... I don't really know. But before I do that, I'll write a little about all the ways I've met people online, the ones I have not talked about yet.