Monday, April 30, 2007

Wedding Bells

After a year ore more of absence a friend comes back to announce me a great news and I realize I had forgotten his name... Since I was not using my usual computer I did not have the message archive to refresh my memory. Even though I don't think he ever knew my name it still bothered me that I could not recall his.

I always remembered his name in the past, I could remember writing it and pronouncing it but it just would not come back to my memory. My friend who's name is Antonio (as my Archive told me a few days later) is Peruvian. He was really happy to chat with me after over a year. He was even more happy to tell me that he would be getting married by the end of this year. I'm really happy for him. Antonio is just one more person on my ever growing list of people I met online who were single then but have gotten married since or will do so by the end of the year.

Now remember this blog is two years old and I've been meeting people online since 2003. A vast majority of the people I've met so far are males in their twenties, probably most of them will eventually get married before they reach 30. For those who've done it already it always means that they'll have less time to come online and the possibility that the new wife might be upset that her husband is maintaining an online relationship with a woman they don't even know. In the end, a marriage almost always means the end of the online friendship no matter how long it had lasted and even if it doesn't end it changes for ever.

Coming Up

Recently, I've found myself doing something I had not done in a while, I was "bothering" people around me, friends and family, with stories of the people I met online.

Not only do they have no idea who those people are but they don't even care actually. Knowing that one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place was to stop annoying people around me with those stories that I love telling so much. It was clear that I had not been blogging enough and that there were many things to be said, updates on past friends and introductions to new ones.

The meeting people online series will be back so will the meeting people offline series and in between I'll give my opinion on a couple of American television shows related to the subject.