Saturday, January 14, 2006

One more reason why I hate MSN Messenger

I use a Powerbook once in a while and it's owner had installed an MSN Messenger for Mac that I also use once in a while. The last time I tried to used it one of those things I hate the most about using MSN Messenger happened. It told me that there is a new version available -yeah like I cared?- and that I needed to download it if I want to continue using MSN Messenger -what??- I JUST HATE IT WHEN MSN MESSENGER DOES THAT!!!! Yeah but most of my university friends only use MSN so I don't really have a choice but it does bug me. I mean there are still people using Yahoo! messenger version 5 I'm still using the version 6 (windows version) and I've been ignoring all the Update available messages from Yahoo!. But I guess MSN has its reason for not allowing people with non updated versions of MSN Messenger to use it to chat with their friends, yeah I'm sure they do.

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