Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yahoo! Answers

I've been trying out Yahoo! Answers the past few days. In an ideal world this sort of service would be the most useful on the internet but hey our world is what it is.

So far I've asked two questions and answered two.
I've answered a girl's question about finding love through the internet -no surprise there-. But guess what? My answer was chosen as the best one among six! Hurray!!! Hey I was just giving my opinion and trying to share some "knowledge". The other question I answered was both serious and quite strange, I tried to answer it seriously though, hoping it will actually be of some use.

Now about my questions. I've been searching the web to know whether the light of a certain powerbook G4 can be fixed (question#1). I asked the question on Yahoo! answers, provided a few details and within minutes I had my first answer and about an hour later I had a second one, both were very relevant and useful.
My second question was more in tone with this blog, I asked whether I should go foward with 3 guys who supposedly want to meet me at HotorNot (question#2). Within seconds I had plenty of answers. From the wackiest to the really concerned. Some people answered as if they were talking to a ten year old, others were just out of their minds -I guess I contaminated them!!!-. As my question grew old -a few minutes- the enthusiasm had faded and I received no other answers.

I'm sure I will be spending some time over there in the very near future...


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