Monday, October 23, 2006

Did you say mytermex? Or nls-school?

For those of you who were unfortunate enough to be contaminated I've come across a few interesting web pages that might be very helpful.

First, there's a NewsFacter article on how to remove it.
Then there are those two very informative blog posts, one by Abhishek Tripathi and the other one by lobbyshake - at least I think that's how he calls himself -.
I also recommend you read what mariush had to write about what you can do to prevent at least some people from being infected.
And, finally you can read my previous post on the subject, it also has a handful of useful links at the end.

So, whether you said mytermex or nls-school, it's like saying 50 cents or half a dollar - get it? No? Ok... Doesn't matter I was just trying to be funny -.

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