Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Mike is actually the only person I know with whom I share my birth date. I met Mike in a Yahoo Chat room -sorry but I can't tell you which one-. Our conversations started a bit oddly. It was apparent from the first day that littleio11 was not telling all the truth about himself but there was something in the way he talked and in the things he was saying that not only caught my attention but had me wanting to know him better. It's not easy to explain but sometimes you just feel this instant attraction to a person you're chatting with, I felt that for littleio. At first we were practically wresting each other. He wanted me to tell him more about myself, I was being secretive while pressing him for more openness -yes that's me alright-. I eventually had it my way, maybe he suddenly felt comfortable with me, nevertheless he told me about his life and it seemed to make perfect sense.

We were born on the exact same day, can you believe it? What are the chances of such a thing happening? Mike is from Lebanon, so he also speaks French, did I hear someone say wow! We work in the same field. We really have many things in common.

Chatting with Mike was good enough as long as he was still in Lebanon but now that he's spending some time in the US I finally had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone! Oh wow! Now his accent when he speaks English is not exactly as I imagined it but once I had heard it I could tell how he would sound in French! The conversation was fun and pleasant. Now that we've talked on the phone there's only one thing left for us to do! but unfortunately that's not yet possible.

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