Monday, November 26, 2007

What I'm called

Except for "sir", most of the ways people call me online are quite common and expected even though they aren't necessarily appreciated. I'm called sweety, honey, hon, dude, amigo, friend, yaar, baby, maam, sir, black beauty, mon ami, marguerite, margrrite, jaz, jasmine, jasmin -and a few others that I wont tell- . At some point, I figured that "marguerite" was too unusual for my non-French-Speaking friends and I tried pushing mj (m for marguerite and j for jasmin) to make it easy for them but even I had to stop using it except when I leave comments on particular blogs. Now I mostly use Marguerite Jasmin which is completely unoriginal and very formal. How do people call you online?

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driver_x said...

i would have to say the majority of people online just call me by my screen name. However occasionally i piss people off and the call me all sorts of words that i wont mention on your blog. i guess some people just feel safer abusing someone that they will never meet from behind a computer screen

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hi driver! Well I wouldn't call you driver if I actually knew your name unless your name if really long or not easy to remember.