Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No more Yahoo Messenger for Vista

Yahoo will no longer offer the Vista version of Yahoo Messenger for download. While current users can still use it, they have to be aware of the fact that Yahoo will no longer continue to work on that version. The bugs will not be corrected and new features won't be added.

Even if I had Vista on my computer I would probably not use the Vista version of Yahoo messenger because it lacks so many features! No chat rooms, no message archiving, no web cam? I wouldn't mind not using a webcam but no message archiving! That's a deal breaker for me.

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Suray said...

Well, it seems that using Yahoo messenger is like living in the hell, and when Yahoo messenger is collaborated with Vista, it is the real hell :D LOL :D

chatteress said...

Hi Suray,

You know, even with all the awful changes Yahoo messenger is still my favorite IM client. I find it to have better privacy features than msn and frankly I've never used Gtalk. I've tried ICQ, I met nice people with it but I didn't find the client to be as flexible and as discreet as I would want it to be. But seriously Yahoo seemed to have believed in Vista's success more than Microsoft has.