Friday, February 06, 2009

Valentine's day specials for singles

I was reading an article recently about how to enjoy your singleness on Valentine's day. Instead of writing an ode to singleness I simply wanted to point out the fact that as V day is approaching many dating sites are offering specials. While there are sites that offer special promotions every now and then, some seem to only do so when Valentine's day is near.

So what's a single person to do? Well, if you've been considering joining a dating site but didn't want to spend too much money on it, now is the time. Seriously! I'll simply tell you about the sites I know of who have specials, whether they offer extended free trials or free upgrades. Before I list the sites I would advise you not to join those sites to find a date for Valentine's day because frankly you won't have enough time to get to know the people you'll be meeting on those sites enough to be already going out on a date alone with them. And when you do find someone that you got to know and like enough to go out on a date with, remember, safety first. Pick the offer and the site you find most appealing and good luck.

worldfriends valentines day special

1- Worldfriends
Once again worldfriends valentines day special is having a Valentine's day promotion where you get double the time you pay for. For example if you buy a 3 month membership you get an additional 3 months free or if you buy a 6 month membership you get 6 more months free, likewise, if you pay for 12 months you get 12 additional months for free. It's a great deal. Even if you only buy a modest 1 month membership you get not one but 2 additional months for free. The more time you get to spend as a premium member, the more people you'll be able to contact. If you can afford it, I would recommend the VIP+Open Club membership which gives you all the premium benefits one can have on Worldfriends. Register right now on Worldfriends for free.

2- Lavalife

Lavalife is offering a 7 Day FREE Trial for this Valentine period, instead of the usual 24 hours free trial. You can't be cheaper than free. It's only 7 days but if you really enjoy being on the site you might want to stay longer. You need to register soon because this offer expires in 8 days. Lavalife is a very popular dating site so you will find many potential matches. Use those 7 days to search and browse profiles and to initiate contact, see what happens. Register right now on Lavalife for your free trial.

3- Matchmaker

Matchmaker is offering a 10 day free trial, it's free and they don't ask you for your credit card when you register for the trial period. Did I say it's free? You'll have a little more than a week to find out if Matchmaker is the right site for you. Since this is a special promotion period there will probably be more active members on the site during that period than usual which is good for you of course. Another good thing about this promotion is that it ends only on February 28th so you've got lots of time to try the other two sites first ;). Register before the end of the month on Matchmaker for your 10 day free trial

Those are only three of the many dating sites with promotions for this Valentine period, try them out or check the dating sites you're already registered with and see if they are not offering special Valentine's day promotions too.

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