Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another catastrophe

I just read about the earthquake in Pakistan and India. Really sad...
Even though I don't regularly check any online news media I do look at the headlines when I log on my Yahoo! mail. That's how I learned about this earthquake. I noticed they mentioned Kashmir. I thought, hey! don’t I know people who live there. It turned out the two Pakistanis I thought lived there actually live in Karachi. -For those of you who know about Pakistan's geography, please don't laugh at me.- I probably should add details to my contacts.


felipe the venezuelan said...

hey thanks for the visit ;) i hope you be ok, if anymoment you came to venezuela i will bring or invite you to have lunch like that LOL

so keep in touch bye kisses i will visit you offen bye

and by the way i have a friend in bangladesh i dont have new of he i am worry about he, i dont know why this time have so many catastrophes i hope the normal time came again

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hey Felipe, thank you for dropping by. Thank you for the invitation also.
Yes indeed, so many catastrophes happening lately, all over the world. I'm not sure Bangladesh was affected by the earthquake though, probably you friend is doing fine and he is just unable to come online, at least that's what we're hoping.
I'll also be visiting you ;)

Missy said...

hello from USA.

so sad about much happening in the world today and yet still so much to be personally thankful for inspite of sad things that happen sometimes.