Thursday, September 15, 2005

Searching Searching

I have not posted anything lately! It's been more than twenty days since I've written "to Apostle John". I know, I'm being a bad blogger. On the other hand, I've had a few worries regarding my blogging activities and also, I'm way too busy to find time to write a decent post. On the other hand -a third one?-, I have so many things I wanted to write about, nothing that would change the face of the earth but 'stuff' that are sooo interesting I just have to write about them! Until I do that, I'll just share with you the queries that sent visitors to this blog, from the major search engines.

Why am I not surprised that they (Google/Msn) would wait for times of less activity to send me traffic? As if they were sending me this message saying, "Write more please. See, we love you, we send you visitors, please give us more pages to put in our cache, please..." Well as long as the people that come here from the search engines find what they are looking for. What were they looking for after all? Below is the list of the most recent search queries and a link to the page they led to.

My suggestion: "hi" or "hello" and then "how are u?" it always works when initiating a conversation.

I have two Yahoo! accounts and I did get a few offline messages when I logged on messenger with my 'main' ID; I suppose, no one is sending me offline messages anymore on my 'other' ID, and I thought they loved me, and I thought they cared *snif*

It could also be that Yahoo does not completely sign you out when you sign out and therefore it sends you the messages people send you when you are not online instead of keeping them on its servers which results in you not receiving them... huh?.. I did not make this up I read it on a forum.

I could write a post on that: "The effects of chatting"

Searching for Carboni! I have not heard from him since he was telling me that he was going back to Egypt.

Well, I've not written on that! I was talking about a muslim guy who wanted to marry a christian girl...

I have yet to find Yahlite, but there is a link to YahElite on the side bar

no comment!

Ah yes! it did that to you too!

Yeah, I'm not the only one getting that error code once in a while. For those of you who've experienced it, it might be that your Internet connection is not working too well.

To all those people searching for msn messenger connection problems, you could try Yahoo! Messenger while you're waiting to be able to connect to msn.

What? Maybe you should ask Sudhu

What's so special about Tamil chatting?

Strange, did I write about hi5? I could...

Strange one....


Sudhu said...

Lol!! This was a very funny post.. Chatteress... How on earth did you find out those search strings that led to your blog?

Btw, I have no idea about Tamil chat!! I'm not even a Tamilian :). But anyway, thanks for directing traffic to my profile :).

I remember u said that your job was quite similar to mine... what are you working on ? ERP too?

Marguerite Jasmin said...

The answer is: Statcounter; I use it along with my Bravenet counter, I've chosen to use it invisibly at the bottom of the blog but I've seen a link to Statcounter show up a few times. You can view the list of all the traffic coming from search engines with the query etc...

Ah! so now I finally know why your Tamil is rusted. I had no idea you weren't Tamilian, not like I asked or anything...

If I understand what ERP is supposed to be then I can say that it's part of what I have to do at the office... I rather not tell too much about my job on the Internet...If you want I can send you an email to tell you more about it.

Sudhu said...

StatCounter, haan. Cool!
Hmmm .. Are you working for some secret agency ;) that you cant disclose your job profile. Kidding, I appreciate your privacy.

dom said...

Funny :-)
I just wanted a Haitian flag on my blog ( ie just visit me) , now I'm intrigued and want to chat to you on Yahoo .... Bigbad1965 if you have time :-)

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Sorry to disappoint you Dom but I use a US-based ISP, all you will see after my visit is one more visitor from the US.
See you on Yahoo!