Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello from Haiti

I decided to call Eftha (23, Vishākhapatnam). He had been expecting my call for a few weeks now. I told him I would call him from my home one day. And I did just that.

I heard the phone ring the way it does when I call Eftha (yes it does ring in a particular way when I call him...). He answered after a few rings and the sound quality was miraculously good. I've tried to call that young man several times unsuccessfully, the call would get cut each time or we would not hear each other but that day/night everything went well.

Would you believe that without knowing it, I've called Eftha on his birthday! Needless to say he was really pleased.

I use calling cards like these to call abroad, each one costs 100 Gourdes (about US$2.5).

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