Friday, July 21, 2006

YSN messenger I

I've always had a problem with Yahoo messenger looking more and more like Msn messenger with every new version. On the other hand I never had a problem with msn messenger looking more and more like Yahoo! messenger because I've always thought Y! messenger was easier to use, more intuitive and simple (remember the version 5...) and also the msn people seem to be smart enough to copy positive aspects from Yahoo!. Unfortunately the Yahoo! messenger people well, I don't really understand them it feels as though at some point they hired a bunch of people from msn to work on the recent Y! messengers so it came as not such a big surprise when they announced that the two messengers would be able to communicate, at this point, they are almost twins.

Of all the things that I hate -I mean dislike- about the new Yahoo! messenger 8 beta ( the worst is probably the commercials at the bottom. I know, I'm using up their servers and bandwidth but weren't they making a living without the commercials in the previous version?

I always have a problem with finding a way to conclude... so I'll say, I do understand why they do it but it's just annoying and it uses up space for nothing..

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