Thursday, July 27, 2006

YSN Messenger II

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I'm using the latest version 8 Beta of Yahoo! Messenger. No! not me! A few days ago I was still using version 6 knowing that the only reason I did not stay with version 5.5 was because it did not have stealth settings; and also that I only used the version 7 for a few minutes before going back to version 6. So one might wonder, how come I'm using the latest Beta?
Well... that's what net friends are for *smiles*.

Greeny has encouraged me to do the switch; did you know that it allows you to add contacts who are using the Windows Live Messenger? Yes it does. The fact that I don't really go in chat rooms anymore and that I even hardly chat [...] explains why I don't really feel the switch, but as I wrote earlier, Yahoo is really trying hard to look exactly like Msn Messenger but it's so much heavier, in appearance at least, and it feels unintuitive for an ex-version 5 user like me, but hey you can't stop the evolution can you?

Even I have things that I like about Msn Messenger, like the fact that you can invite other people to join a conversation you are having with someone without having to open a "conference" window, now that's useful! Oh yes and they do have archive search. It does not seem like the people at Yahoo! Messenger are interested in imitating any of that, no, they seem to be content with imitating the look and feel only... too bad for us users...

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