Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello Dozy are you still in Delhi =)

I've talked to Dozy on the phone and after that conversation I told him while chatting that he materialized. Yes I know he did not quite get me. As I said, it was like one more dimension was added to the knowledge I had of him. I knew the sound of his voice, somewhat.. because I know phone voice is a bit different from actual voice but it's close enough. It was fun(ny) he did not recognize me even though I told him my name... He really did sound very different from what I had anticipated, me and my anticipations...


I talked to Dozy once more that time he was expecting my call so he did recognize me and, was nice. He sounded more like the Dozy I chat with, really!!!!


Dozzy said...

Na !! I m in London Now! hehe ! Thx!

mj said...

Hi Dozy, I should give you a call while you're in London ;)

Dozzy said...


U r welcome always!

I l b lukin fwd to it as well! :)