Saturday, November 18, 2006

TV shows in Yahoo Chat

Is Yahoo! affiliated with certain TV stations/networks?

I went into the "Entertainment & Arts-> Television" Yahoo! Rooms list. I wanted to chat about a TV show I've seen recently, it's called Dateline: To catch a Predator.

Interestingly enough, since I'm using the US version of Yahoo messenger, when I go into the Televison Category there is an impressive list of Television shows many having gone through their final season already. But, strangely enough I did not find a few very popular shows I've watched sometimes like Lost or the more recent Heroes. Just so you would know, until the series go wrong, I am a Heroes fan. I used to enjoy watching Lost but I lost track of the story because I'm not a regular viewer. So I ended up in the TV Lobby. When I tried to ask people about the Dateline: To catch a Predator, the only response I had was one of the chatters asking me if I was one of those "predators".

I'll be writing about this show again, soon.

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