Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tagged by Nick

I was tagged by Nick. He started a meme:
10 Items or Less, If you could only keep 10 things in the entire world what would you keep?

So there it is, 10 things or less I would keep.

1) the clothes I'm wearing minus the shoes
2) a bible
3) my thumb drive
4) my bookmarks
5) my chat archives

I can't think of anything else I really need right now in order to survive. Oh no! I've written a list of items I need to survive on the internet!


NickTay said...

wow...i get my own label :)

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Of course you do Nick! :D

Suray said...

Don't worry, be happy!

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Thank you Suray.