Friday, August 17, 2007

Remember your public profiles

After receiving one too many offline spam messages to one of my IDs that I never used in chat rooms, I had an epiphany. I finally realized one of the reasons those people where finding me is because I had too much information on display in my public profile. I had way more information than I thought, my full name, email, occupation etc... I removed most of it but people can still send me IM. Do you know how much personal information you have on your numerous internet profiles?

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genny said...

hi, i too have same problem... i will check it hope i ca do something about it. Thanks a lot.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

I hope this help stop your problem genny. I also would recommend reporting those spammers by using to report button in the messenger window, it will automatically add the ID to your ignore list.

NIHAL said...

Hi Marguerite,

Wow, this sounds scary, but I guess it's the truth. I tend to get a whole load of spam mails as well and on my other site not a day goes by without getting spam comments. I mean, what does facial products have to do with my car site?? Luckily I'm using WordPress on that site, so, it allows me to report spam.

Thanks anyway for the tips :)

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hi Nihal, I'm glad you found my tips useful. I see you've changed your profile picture, this one looks nice too :D

gogogo27 said...

for visiting. Good luck !