Friday, August 31, 2007

Not-so-free Communication weekend at eHarmony

As expected it was too good to be true. During the free communication weekend at eHarmony, you are not allowed to use FastTrack communication for free. Of course not. Otherwise you and your matches would just exchange email addresses in order to be able to communicate for free even after the free weekend. But that's certainly not something eHarmony wants you to do. The only form of communication you are allowed to use for free is the one that requires you to go through four stages before being able to write messages. These stages consists of a set of questions and answers you and your match have to send each other.

The people at eHarmony are really clever. They want you to come to the site and reconsider communicating with your matches by pretending that it's free. They know that you are not likely to make it through the four stages in the weekend so eventually, by the time you find someone really interesting, the weekend will be over and you'll have no choice but to pay to continue communicating with that person. Let's see if I can get to open communication with someone by Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

It's four days, Marguerite -- 96 hours. If you check your email several times a day, I assure you you can go through the steps quickly. And IF you're running out of time, then ASK FOR HIS EMAIL ADDRESS or give yours ("I'm just here for the weekend, Marguerite at mail that is hot.") in one of the blanks there.

1. eHarmony cannot police or block the thousands of messages sent through the site.

2. Take note that paying members can be taking advantage of the promo, too. We finally hear from our non-responding matches.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Well thank you. Though it would have been nice if you didn't stay anonymous but you know what I'm going to put your response in one of my posts just so more people can profit from what you had to say, in the few hours left on this free communication weekend.
Though I have to say, I tried contacting six people and the only one who responded did so to close the communication because I had put him on hold...

Anonymous said...

Yea tried the free weekend.. what a joke. rope you in with communicate free and view your matches.. Problem is you send the 5 stupid questions and have no idea if they are even real people.. what a joke.. basically its false advertisement… one way communication.. to nowhere..