Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Chat Rooms for Yahoo messenger Vista

Why I would not use Yahoo! messenger for Vista even if I had Vista on my computer.

Did you know that the Vista version of Yahoo! messenger does not have chat rooms, webcam or message archiving? I could live without webcam really but no chat rooms and no message archiving! That's inconceivable. How could they even come up with a messenger that does not allow message archiving?

You can see a side-by-side comparison of all the current Yahoo! messenger versions here.

The XP versions (8 and 9) are the ones with the most features, in fact the only feature the XP version lacks is the Tabbed IM Windows.

Hopefully for people using Windows Vista you don't have to use the Vista version of Yahoo! messenger, you may still use the version 8 or 9 that work on Vista as well.


Zip Mammadoff said...

Vista absolutely suxx! Let's wait for Windows'7.

chatteress said...

Hi Zip,

It seems Vista might be heading the same way as the late Windows Me (remember that one). Anyway, the idea behind Vista is not bad but it seems they rushed the product and started selling it while it was still in Beta. Let's hope that the next windows version (Windows7) will be better since they will use the lessons learned from the Vista experience.

By the way I just came back from your blog, Nice work!