Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Using YahElite

I have finally tried YahElite. It's a free chat client that you can use for IM with your Yahoo messenger contacts and Yahoo Chat rooms as well. Of course YahElite is free to use but it's not and official Yahoo chat client.

In all the years I've used Yahoo messenger I've only been booted once. Therefore I don't really use YahElite to protect myself from booters I use it to make my chat room experience better. YahElite allows you to enter Yahoo Chat without having to open a browser window. Though you have to enter the captcha text for word verification, YahElite gives you the text to enter without getting out of the program. I find it more practical than the way Yahoo messenger does it.

Additionally, YahElite auto ignores most bots that you might encounter in a chat room. You no longer have to keep tract of each and every bot to ignore manually.

Also I've found that sometimes when switching rooms YahElite does not ask you for captcha. Not only does the captcha process take less time than it would with Yahoo messenger, sometimes you don't have to go through it at all which makes room hoping fun again.

Last but not least. While I've been unable to chat in the Yahoo chat rooms using my Yahoo messenger 8, YahElite has no problem logging me in to the rooms and letting me chat with the other users present. With Yahoo messenger, when I enter the room, even after the word verification I don't see any other chatters, no matter what room I'm in. I don't have that problem with YahElite, if the people are there, I will see them. And this is the main reason why I use YahElite.

The YahElite interface is not as intuitive as the Yahoo messenger interface and many users might feel lost if they try to use it but it's a very efficient tool for people who enjoy spending time in chat rooms and are experiencing various problems with Yahoo messenger.

This has been an update on YahElite, you may read my original post on Yahlite.

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