Monday, May 25, 2009

What Facebook does with your deleted photos

Remember my Facebook Horror Story? Today I read an article on Yahoo Tech where Christopher Null explains how the photos you delete from your online pages don't get deleted. Of course if you are one of my beloved readers that's not news to you.

I've actually reused my deleted Facebook profile picture. What happened is I wanted to add many new friends and I wanted them to recognize me when they received my invite. Guess what I did? Since I didn't have a photo with me I simply went on my deleted facebook photo's address, downloaded it and uploaded it to Facebook again. If you read the Yahoo tech article you'll notice that the author claims the sites would keep your deleted content only for a few days or weeks, in my case the photo was still available at the old address after a few months. Keep in mind that this was a photo that should not have been public in the first place.

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