Thursday, November 10, 2005


I can't believe how awful my blog looked on Internet Explorer. What a mess! Since I use Firefox I had no clue until recently.

It all started when I got upset with the Google Adsense Ads that where showing on one of my post pages, I couldn't believe these ads. Did you know that you can't filter the Adsense ads by key word. I thought it was surprising since it would be the most efficient form of filtering. But no, to filter ads with Adsense you have to know the websites you don't want to show up and add them to your filter. Now, ok, so all I have to do is go on the page note the url and add it to my filter, not quite since the ads that show up on a page are not always the same for every single page load and then, the ads that show up are not the same for viewers around the world.
I couldn't believe these ads really! It was a rather old, simple and short post, the only reason why I went on that page was because I was checking my counter statistics and someone was sent there by a search engine.

I decided on that day to take off the Adsense ads, on post pages at least. I left the ones on my main and archive pages for now since they seemed to be ok and they do fill space on my sidebar!!!

So instead of deleting the scripts from my template, I commented them -a reflex-. I'm not good at template modifying, in the end I made an awful job, I did not even have (take) the time to test it properly (with IE). A big mistake! For some reason I was looking at my blog using IE, I started searching for my cbox only to realize it had been shifted all the way down with the rest of the side bar. I apologize to most of you coming here who use IE, sorry, next time I'll test my template with IE also...if I don't forget...


Igor said...

Aaaarghhh! It's a minefield, isn't it? I too, didn't realize, at first, that how a page looks on my own computer will not always be how it looks on somebody else's. When I first saw my site on another computer, I was in shock!!! I had to make copious notes, then dash off and make all manner of adjustments; the curse of the perfectionist! Now, if I ever update my site, I visit the local library and check it out on their computers; they seem to have a different system, and I can spot any problems.
As for Ads ... well, they concern me a great deal. I've been determined to avoid anything that might include ads, despite the tempting fact the hosting of the sites costs so much less. My site gets a lot of young visitors, so I have to keep them in mind - and when you have no control over what gets advertised, then I find it's best to have none at all.
I've had the message board just over a week, (incidentally, it's not working at all today), and I've realised that I cannot allow message-posters the facility to leave their url any longer. I've had some really nice folks visit, but I wouldn't want young children clicking the link to some of their sites!!! Otherwise there might be some very unhappy parents.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

I think I understand your concern. The web is a jungle. A website for children truly needs lots of monitoring when visitors can write on it and leave links, especially when it starts getting lots of traffic. I hope the premium features of the Neoboard give you all the flexibility you need. The children need to be protected and their parents kept happy....
NeoWorx must had been experiencing technical problems earlier(?)

Benjamin Solah said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog.

Internet Explorer is a hellhole, and the solution should be for all to get Firefox ;)

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Benjamen, I'm sure IE will be around for many more years and well no browser's perfect...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog. Met anyone from NC yet?? and can I make the cut? :)

I love to meet people from all over the world. It's nice to travel the planet from your desk, I'll admit.

Currently, I am flag hunting. lol as my boyfriend likes to call it. I do have Yahoo msg. It's also on my profile.

Will you please visit so your flag can fly among the rest?
My boyfriend at Doms weird news would love your flag too. He's a link on my sidebar. (and love of my life) :)

It would be fun to talk sometime, and just hear, see, know a Haitian perspective from where I am.

This particular post made me comment as my boyfriend never checks Internet Explorer to see how it looks either, and since I use it at work, he always wants me to let him know. Just check.. Is all I can say. I say that, and my own blog probably looks trashed in IE at the moment, lol.

Come visit!