Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20th, 2007

It's been 2 years since I've started this blog. Can you believe it? A few hundred contacts later all I can say is that there are still many people out there for me to meet and get to know.

When I look back at what I wrote last January I'm very glad to say that I still keep in touch with Greeny whose blog I still read and I'm still inspired by Nick every now and then when I stop by at his blog.

Unfortunately I've not heard or read anything from Apostle John in a while, it's unfortunate since I don't have his contact information. He stopped blogging without saying anything I want to believe that he pulled the plug suddenly for some reason like many bloggers end up doing but that his family and him are Ok. Meq is also someone who seemed to have pulled the plug long before Apostle John did I could not find a person on her blogroll who could give me any news from her they didn't know her outside of the web. Sudhu still blogs (not very often) and I do pay him a visit once in a while.

This year also saw a drastic reduction of my chatting hours for better -my hands enjoyed the rest- and worse -I'm a hard time keeping in touch...-.

Seeing how this year started out for me it seems 2007 will be a year of consolidation. I might not meet many new people but I'll do my best to maintain the already existing "relationships" I have.

I feel flattered by my 21 feed subscribers, in fact it intimidates me a bit since I have not idea who 98% of you are. That second year sure went by quickly...

To end this post I want to thank all my chat friends without whom this blog would have never existed, my blogger friend from whom I've learned a lot, my feed subscribers their increasing number encourages me and all my visitors particularly those with whom I've chatted and who took the time to tell me what they liked or disliked about my blog. Thank you to all of you!

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a wanna-be-writer said...

Hmm I wonder what one talks about to draw readers in. I'm new at this. I'll look back at your blog for pointers now and then. Keep writing.

Deepa said...

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Rose said...

Happy Blogiversity.

RuKsaK said...

I recently turned 2 too. it's amazing how things change, isn't it?

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Happy anniversary Ruksak

Elisa (Italia) said...

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