Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who are you?

I've written about it before in the past, but it's happened to me again.
Riad, a Jordanian man in his 40s (or 50s?), married with children, starts talking "nonsense" to me. The sort of nonsense some married men like to chat about when their wife is away...[I can't be more explicit than that because there are kids reading this]

Then it occurred to me that maybe someone else was using his computer and posing as him so I decided to test that person by referring to personal information I knew about him, he seemed to have passed that test but a person who knew him well enough would have passed it; so even now I'm having doubts. The fact is, unless the person you're chatting with is using a web cam you cannot be sure he is who he claims to be.

Countless time I would be mad at someone because of things he had said in a previous conversation only to have him ask me to forgive him because someone else was using his ID and that he was really sorry and that this someone else also did the same thing to his other friends etc... I'm hoping the same thing happened with Riad, it wasn't him, it could not have been him...

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