Sunday, September 02, 2007

Still free communication weekend at eHarmony

I initially thought that the free communication weekend at eHarmony would end today, Sunday, but I didn't read the "fine print" in the email they sent me. The free communication weekend will actually end on Monday at 11:59pm PT. That detail was brought to my attention by an anonymous person who left this comment that I found very informative and useful. If you intend to take advantage of this offer from eHarmony, take note of what he -assuming he's a guy and not a gal- had to say, so you can make the most at of this opportunity. The anonymous person seems to be a paying member at eHarmony so he probably knows the site better than I do.
" It's four days, Marguerite -- 96 hours. If you check your email several times a day, I assure you you can go through the steps quickly. And IF you're running out of time, then ASK FOR HIS EMAIL ADDRESS or give yours ("I'm just here for the weekend, Marguerite at mail that is hot.") in one of the blanks there.

1. eHarmony cannot police or block the thousands of messages sent through the site.

2. Take note that paying members can be taking advantage of the promo, too. We finally hear from our non-responding matches. "

After reading that comment I went back to eHarmony and found that one of my matches had closed our communication, he didn't like the fact that I put him on hold for a while. The others still have not responded. Until I get a response from them, with their questions, I'm unable to slip my email address in the spaces reserved for custom answers... Too bad for me, I guess my matches are not that much interested in me after all.

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