Friday, August 01, 2008

Find and Meet People on hi5?

I've written quite a bit about hi5 recently and of course many people searching to find and meet people on hi5 have landed here. If you are one of those this is for you, I'll briefly answer the most common queries that I get about hi5.

Q:How to find people on hi5?
A:Finding people on hi5 is fairly easy really. They have a search feature. You can search by name, age range, sex, location, email etc... From my experience it's not very efficient, it omits many results. The surest way to find people is to browse your friends' networks. If you're still not finding the people you're looking for, you can try a Google search on hi5 by typing the person's name. This will only work if the person uses his name on the site, many people use nicknames so you might want to try and search with the person's nickname if you know it. For example if you were searching for me you would type something like this "marguerite jasmin".

Q:How to find Haitian members online now on hi5?
A:Same as above. Browse your Haitian friends' networks and see who is online. There's this little icon on the person's profile that tells you when he/she is online.

Q:How to meet people on hi5?
A:Don't meet people on hi5. If you must use hi5, use it only to connect with people you already know. It might not be a great idea to use it for meeting people you don't already know in real life. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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