Monday, August 01, 2005

Mumbaikar friends

I learned about the torrential rains in Mumbai when visiting a blog that I discovered while "chatting" with Sudhamshu (23,Tamil Nadu) at blogexplosion.

For some reason, I decided to go on blogexplosion after many days of absence and I came across Sudhu and his blog and bookmarked it. And there I was, the day after, checking to look around the Professional Pakau only to learn about those rains.

It made me think about how I did not even talk to either Anay or Kayvian earlier that day because I was too busy.

I have quite a few people on my contact list who live in Mumbai. Those I have talked to were not too badly affected. Kayvian hopefully lives near his work place so it wasn't too bad for him, Ivan did spend two days at his office before being able to go home. Anay was not too far away from his home when it started raining heavily and since public transportation was no longer working at that time he did not go far. But his parents were away from home and they had to wait for a few days before they were able to come back. Like Anay told me, everyone in the area has his own story. There were unfortunately many deaths.

I haven't heard from the other Mumbaikars like Dhruv, Amit, Ram, Mike, Nikhil or Prashant and others -, I'm sending a few emails and hoping they are fine....

An Update

Dhruv wrote me back, he is fine, not affected at all it seems. Mike and Ram came online, I did not have time to talk to them but I suppose that if they can come online they are ok. I haven't heard from Amit or Prashant yet.

Second update

Amit wrote me back, he is fine. I talked to Nik came online, he was not at all affected.

Third update
I talked to Mike, he wasn't too much affected.


Sudhu said...

Hey chatteress, Just came through your blog. How do you have so many friends in Mumbai? Is it through chatting on yahoo? You have a lovely blog. How are things in Haiti?

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Oh! you think my blog is lovely *smiles*
Yes Sudhu, they are all people I have met through Yahoo! with whom I chat more or less often and who live in Mumbai.
As for Haiti, well..., things are going on, I can't say that they are worse.