Friday, July 22, 2005


Lately I've received fewer visits on my blog, one reason for this is probably the fact that I update less often the other reason would be that I "expose" my blog less than I used to.

In the beginning the only visitors I received were reviewers from blog directories. Then I started having one-time readers who came to read the post I wrote on them. I also had a few more avid readers who went all through my archives and then reminded me of a few things that I put here and had completely forgotten about. -I have even gone back an modified old posts a few times- And then I had Rizal who came here in the most unexpected and improbable way. And recently Apostle John dropped by.

As people are coming here and actually reading what I write -and as all my other activities are taking more and more of my time- I started thinking more than twice before putting anything on this blog. As I'm about to click on the publish button I start thinking about all those who might read what I'm putting on the Internet. I think about what the things I write say about myself and how I might even influence people who come here, I think about how uninteresting to anyone else than myself what I write is, I think about how I was supposed to have fun doing this but how I'm taking it more seriously suddenly because of how far a blog can reach; the world is too small and the Internet is everywhere.

Maybe I'm just loosing my inspiration and I'm trying to find an excuse to those posts that I obviously don't take enough time writing or maybe I'm just worrying too much -as usually- about things that are not all that important. That's enough introspection for one blog post.


Apostle John said...

I enjoy stopping by! I hope you are safe! Haiti is a dangerous place these days.

Corizandy said...

Hello there, well I stopped here and readsome of your posts, cool!

Thao said...

You can't always have meaningful or entertaining entries and it's hard to always come up with something that will interest lots of people. I have been going through a slump with blogging and my readership has gone down as well. I blog mainly for me to remember things that happen in my life and that will not appeal to lots of people. If you enjoy it, then you just keep doing it, whether it's a fun or serious entry.