Wednesday, August 24, 2005

To Apostle John

Dear Apostle John,

"Are things safe right now in Haiti?"
I'm never too sure how to even begin to give an answer to that question. Have I ever been a victim of any form of violence? No. Thank God. But I know many, too many people who have.

Right now everyone here is focused on one single thing: 'Elections'. The UN officials, the head of the Police Forces, officials of the government, journalists and other ordinary people seem to be speaking in one voice saying basically that the violence is less now than it used to be.

I'm probably the only one in Port-au-Prince, who does not agree with that since I don't feel an increase sense of security when I'm out on the streets. People are still being kidnapped, others are being killed -a Canadian citizen was killed recently-, there are still areas deserted by the residents that are ruled by gangs aka 'rats'. I know people who, in the past months, have sent most of their family in other areas and closed their small business because their neighborhood is being taken over by outlaws -the same 'rats'- .

Businesses located downtown Port-au-Prince are either moving or simply closing. There are areas that people avoid at all cost and others that you only go to with extreme caution, and because you have no other choice. There have also been cases of presumed criminals being killed (lynching) by the population. Despite what the official voices had to say about those lynchings it seems the families of those 'criminals' -if they had any- may be the only ones deploring their deaths. On the contrary, you will hear people say how the population is too scared and too passive and how fear and passivity used to help the assassins/kidnappers a lot, now that the population is 'reacting' many believe that the 'rats' may be more hesitant to act openly now.

I know I like to make things look bad when I talk about the situation here but I can't help it because they are bad. Were they worse? Probably, there are fewer shootings on the streets actually they haven't report any recently.

On the other hand I have to say that many Christians have been relentlessly praying for the country; they spent weeks, days, nights, praying again and again and again, all across the country and even from abroad. In fact, many are still praying waiting for the blessing... This reminds me of the fact that in the areas ruled by the 'rats' the churches had to close. There are a few (not many) who seemed to have resumed their activities. At the same time, others are under constant threats by 'rats' asking them for money or saying they will set the church on fire or kidnap the members or the pastor. I know a case of a person who was kidnapped and a 'rat' went to the church where that person is affiliated to ask for money so they could free him....

I live in Port-au-Prince therefore, what I say about the situation concerns only Port-au-Prince, as for the rest of the country, things are different as always.

About my personal safety, well, as I said before, as long as the Lord is my Shepherd... His rod and His staff they comfort me…

Realizing this post had nothing to do with my blog's topic, I've chosen to address it to you in particular.

I appreciate your concern about my country and I also enjoy stoping by at your blog once in a while.



Sudhu said...

I read some news on the on-goings at Haiti, didnt know situation was so Grim. I wish you well.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Thank you Sudhu

Apostle John said...

I've been off line for a couple of days -- bad weather in South Florida.

Thank you for the post. I worry about you and all of my friends in Haiti. I have been to your country only once, and have a love for your nation. You and your country are always in my prayers.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

I've heard about Katrina. I hope you were not too badly affected by it.
It seems though, unfortunately, that South Floridians are accustomed to bad weather.

Thank you for your prayers

activ8ions said...

Nice blog that u have Marguerite,
yah, i've been watching the news - focusing on katrina.. i'm very sad though, it's just like what happended here in South East Asia not log ago (tsunami).
I hope 4 quick recovery at New Orleans..