Thursday, July 12, 2007

Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles is a web site where you can meet people for free. I usually find the free web sites irresistible. Connecting Singles looked decent enough and I did decide to give it a try. Here's a list of quick facts about the site:

  1. targeted population : It's an international website, people from around the world are welcomed to join.
  2. amount of members : They have a reasonable number of members.
  3. people in my area (Haiti) : Yes they do have a few Haitians, I was contacted by two of them!
  4. quality of service : Good quality for a free website. It's basic but efficient.
  5. number of features : A fair amount of features, flower sending and forums are very much used by the members.
  6. finding people (search) : You can search for people based on all the elements possible on a profile.
  7. contacting : Contacting people is very simple. You have the option of sending a flower with a quick note or a classic email.
  8. spamming : I have received no spam in over a year of membership.
  9. the community : I've seen many active discussions in the forums. The community seems to be very much alive and diversified also.
  10. have I met anyone interesting : I've made a few contacts (about a dozen) two of them seem to be very interesting.
  11. anything else : Yes. Even though I said in my profile that I'm not searching for a date I still get contacted by guys are interested and want to "see my picture or start a "meaningful" long-term relationship with me", or feel this "indescribable" and irresistible attraction to me (based solely on what I wrote in my profile). I don't even have a picture on that profile and still I get contacted by men from many different countries who are interested in me. Yes I told you my profile is that good! Unfortunately, not a single girl has contacted me. It's a shame but I'm sure it's due to the fact that the site is called Connecting "Singles" and therefore it's mostly viewed as a dating site and not a site where you can just make friends.

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Suray - SurayBlog - Suray's Words said...

For the sake of relationship, many sites offering a portal for people to meet the others all over around the world. Seems like distance and boundary gap are no more an issue when people meet each other through internet. I've joined many such related sites like this. Unfortunately, I'm still a single person without and never make some dating relationship from a baby until nowadays. Perhaps I'm to concern about my work than making relationship with a girl. Ha.. ha.. ha..

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hi Suray. Indeed with the internet you meet people from so many locations that you don't always think how far away they are from you actually. I have to say that I myself am not interested in dating people I meet online but I do enjoy making friends with the guys and gals I meet online, I know that's obvious!!!