Monday, July 16, 2007

Meeting People the second time around

If you intend to meet people online by joining specialized web sites or social networks you should take some time to fill out your profile correctly. Besides the basic information, the most important parts of your profile are those where you describe yourself in your own words and the ones where you describe the person you would like to meet.

I have profiles on so many websites that I've not only lost count of them but also have no idea what it is I had written there. But every once in a while I receive a message from one of those web sites I had completely forgotten about.

Last week-end for example has been quite an interesting one for me. I've been away from the internet since Saturday evening. And this morning as I came online to check my emails, blog statistics, comments and so on, I found a whole lot of emails waiting for me. Many are from various subscriptions but others were from "meeting-people" websites.

I had people sending me email, virtual flowers on both Friendfinder and Connecting Singles. Then I had about half a dozen matches from eHarmony.

I created my first Friendfinder profile about three years ago but no one ever expressed interest in me back then, and I eventually deleted it. It's also the second time I've joined eHarmony, the first time they never found a match for me, now suddenly I have half a dozen of them, maybe it's because I put fewer geographical restrictions. As for connecting singles, at some point I had completely forgotten about it. But when I was sent a first message a few weeks ago, I came back and realized that the text in my profile was so good that I might as well copy and paste it on any other site I want to join -and that's exactly what I did from that day on-.

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