Friday, July 06, 2007

Meet me at Hot or Not

Do you Know "Meet Me"? How about "Hot or Not"? Hot or Not is a website where you post a picture and get points based on other users' ratings. Meet Me is a part of the site where you also post your picture but don't necessarily want people to rate it. Meet Me used to be like most online meeting websites, everybody could join for free but only paid members could initiate contact, not anymore. In may, Jim and James, the founders of Hot or Not decided to make the service completely free...

If you want to use Hot or Not's Meet Me, I'll give you one piece of advice, don't agree to meet -by "meet" I mean contact online not actually face to face meeting... - anyone who does not have a clear picture of him/herself or worse, someone with an evidently fake picture. Free services attract many people. Even when the service was not completely free I did meet quite a few people who had a paid membership. Though I must say that the initial contact didn't evolve into a very strong relationship but I still have some of them on my yahoo messenger contact list. I don't know about the girls but most of the guys' profiles I've come across are not fake. So you can add Hot or Not (Meet Me) on your list of websites where you can meet people online.

Why wouldn't you want to use Hot or Not to meet people online? The only reason would be if you are uncomfortable with putting your picture online since the service is based on photos you can't be a member without having your photo. The other reason why you might not enjoy the service is if you're not in the US, thought they do have people in many locations but most of the members are in the United States of America.


NIHAL said...

Wow, this is indeed a good way to make new friends and 'meet' people but unfortunately as for me, It's simply not possible, as I'm in Malaysia (that's in the other corner of the world!)

But, at least now I know there's a thing called "Hot or Not" out there. Thanks for sharing :)

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hi Nihal. You don't have to be in the US to join, they also accept members from other countries including Malaysia.