Friday, September 21, 2007

Meeting People Online with Yahoo! Answers

You would like to meet people online but want to avoid using dating sites? Though I will say, there are many decent people on dating sites, but still you might prefer trying something different because you've used every other dating with not much success. Well, you're in luck, there are many other ways beside dating sites to meet people online.

If we eliminate social networking sites -I consider that they should be mainly used to "connect" with people you already know- , there are many other online communities where you can meet with people who share your interest and who knows? You might end up starting a great relationship with one of them.

On Yahoo! Answers, regular people ask all kinds of questions that are answered by other regular people. Think of it as a giant forum where there's always someone to reply to a thread you've started. It's a good place to meet people because you can go through the person's Questions and Answers and know not only his interests but also his opinions and preferences. People contacted me through Yahoo! Answers because they saw that I was in Haiti and need to talk to someone from there. The Yahoo! Answers pages are indexed by search engines so someone who's not even a member can see your answers and your profile. You, your interests and points of views, are exposed to a very large number of people. You can allow people to send you emails through Yahoo! Answers while concealing your email address. You can also allow people to send you instant messages through Yahoo messenger but you have to reveal your Yahoo ID to use that feature.

My story
I've joined Yahoo answers last year. I've succeeded in meeting four people mostly because at some point I specialized myself in answering questions about Haiti and Haitians. Two of those people saw my profile and contacted me directly. Since I'm a Haitian still living in Haiti, and we are apparently not numerous on Yahoo Answer, I've been able to give "valuable" information to people who had questions about my country. Meeting people on Yahoo Answers mostly means that I've stayed in contact with them either through email or instant messaging.

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