Thursday, October 04, 2007

I still hate msn messenger?

I was using the MSN messenger 7.0 build 7.0.0816 on my computer running windows 2000.
I tried to log in last week only to have microsoft tell me that I must install the newer version in order to continue MSN. Of course they ask you whether you'd like to do it immediately, if you say no you just can't use MSN. I'm not a big MSN fan anyway, besides I can still chat with my MSN contacts using Yahoo. The YSN messenger may not be a bad idea after all...

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Suray said...

I prefer Yahoo Messenger (YM) to MSN Messenger. I'm chatting with my friends using YM and I'm really great that Yahoo has provided me such useful tool to get me in-touch with others.

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Marguerite Jasmin said...

Yes I've seen DoubleDt, alooks like a good tech blog. Though I think it's missing one thing, you. You should probably add your name when you sign the post and maybe your picture in an "about us" section. If there are more than one person writing the post , each can sign with their own name. I think when you can associate people to a blog you are more likely to come back to it.