Friday, July 08, 2005

How about msn Messenger?

In the "About", on the right, I say that I use Yahoo! Messenger, but it's not like Yahoo! is paying me or anything so I do use other IM programs like msn Messenger and ICQ once in a while.

But msn is one that I don't like at all, the only reason why I have it installed on the computer is because my university friends use it. Lately, it's been doing one of those things that I hate about it. I try signing in and it just fails every time without any apparent reason. I've been unable to chat with Rizal for the past days.

Msn is just not for me. With msn, you cannot enter chat rooms freely. And I still have awful memories of the days when it would ask me to download the latest version before I could even sign in, the connection was extremely slow so it took forever... The worst is that it did that almost every day, a real nightmare.

I tried to install the version 7.0 to see if I would be able to connect, still nothing. I tested the connection with the msn messenger connection troubleshooter and it tells me every thing is ok and asks me to send a report. I carefully fill the form only to find out that it wont let me submit it, telling me to enter my email address while I had already provided it.

I finally decided to do the one thing I should had done in the first place, I checked the Internet for the error code (81000306) it gave me. While reading what people wrote on many forums about similar problems I started thinking about the windows updates that I was too lazy to install... And finally, when I landed on an msn arabia page they seemed to be confirming my suspicions.

The Windows Updates just bug me, what I hate the most about them is the fact that you have to restart your computer, and then I never really know what are all those things that are installed. So I install the updates, I restart my computer I wait for the internet connection to come back up again -it was down-. I try signing in Y! Messenger and msn Messenger while I'm already chatting with a friend on Y!, msn tells me it can't sign me in. I guess it wasn't the updates after all. Well, I'll just wait until msn lets me sign in again, in the mean time I'm using yahoo!

[The following is a message to Rizal]
message to Rizal: "Rizal I need to tell you something" -need is not the exact/appropriate word- rather "Rizal I would like to tell you something!".


Apostle John said...

I'm thrilled I found your blog. Are you in Port au Prince? I have traveled to Haiti from time to time -- mostly going to Leogane.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hello John,
Glad you dropped by! I do live in Port-au-Prince.
It was a pleasure for me to discover your blog also.

Apostle John said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog -- yes, you can quote me any time.

Two of my church members just got back from Cap Haitean. They passed through the airport at Port au Prince. They said the airport was very crowded and very quiet. They could hear gun fire in the background. They usually work with the hospital in Leogane, but this time worked in the North.

Are you safe?

Marguerite Jasmin said...

Many people are leaving the country and very few are coming in. Gun shots are a regular thing here in the capital...
As for my safety, well, as long as the Lord is my Shepherd...

Benjamin Solah said...

I use MSN frequently, but I don't seem to have the problems you are having. I do like yahoo better but I don't use it often, only to enter chatrooms really as all my 'real-life' contacts use MSN.

Marguerite Jasmin said...

It turned out my not-so-good internet connection is causing the problems. Y! messenger seems to deal with it quite well, sometimes I am able to chat with Yahoo! messenger even when I can't load a single web page. But with msn messenger I either can't sign in at all or have to try at least twice before I can.