Friday, July 01, 2005

Unexpected encounter

I was a little busy therefore I did not stay online as much as I use to. When I came at 19:00 UTC, which is 00:30 in India time -I think-, I saw Dozy online! It seemed odd -if you knew Dozy a little you would think so too-. I thought I asked how come he was still there. And guess what? It wasn't Dozy, nooo. It was actually Dozy's Dad!!! Hopefully I did not send a sexy message to Dozy -as if ...hehehe-

From his writing I could tell it wasn't Dozy. I suddenly started sitting straight and preparing my most formal and polite response. -I couldn't believe I was actually chatting with Dozy's dad-. I mean, Dozy told me about his dad and the idea I have of this man is that of a very strict dad. I was already thinking about the consequences this could have on Dozy.
So of course I apologized very politely to mister Singh. He asked whether there was anything I needed (?) maybe he thought that I was some Indian friend of Dozy's. As I was taking leave of Dozy's dad and wishing him a good night he wished me "good dreams", a very nice man after all. Now I know where Dozy gets all his niceness from.

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