Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Inevitable

I met a Haitian guy in one of those chat rooms! The odds of that happening are very low. This is even more surprising than when I received repeated visits from someone in Haiti on this blog.
I was always aware of the fact that I might meet a Haitian person one day but..., not like that.

I did meet a Haitian schoolgirl once last year but she thought I was a guy and was just too attached to me for some strange reason so we only talked once. This time it was different.

Desylf was chatting in English, he even asked me what I thought about Americans and referred to himself as an American. He told me that he was in Haiti recently, at the shores of Gonaïves, I thought he was in the US Navy and I was right. When he asked me to be his tour guide for his next trip to Haiti, I said "yeah, sure..." actually thinking "whatever, as if he were really going to come here..". When he told me he was serious, I thought "oh, so maybe he is coming, maybe but no time soon". Then, to my surprise, the second time we chatted, he's writing Creole!!! No way!
The guy is actually Haitian or at least of Haitian origins, I just can't believe he did not tell me that right from the start. I would never have guessed that he was Haitian, never! But now, there is no doubt, he is Haitian.

Scary! I could be talking to one of my relatives or ex-classmates without even knowing it... very scary...


Apostle John said...

There is a new movie "Must Like Dogs," and in the previews it shows a woman who places an add in a singles' dating service. She is matched with someone -- who happens to be her own father!

Marguerite Jasmin said...

I just saw a commercial for that movie, dating services seem to be a big thing now in the US.