Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 6

There are two things that I appreciate a lot, especially coming from people with whom I have chatted for many weeks, one of them is when they say that they enjoy chatting with me and the other one is when they say they miss chatting with me (happens when they don’t find me online often). I’m not talking about an “enjoyed talking to u but have 2 go now bye”, no no no. It goes more like this: we’re in the middle of the conversation and the person tells you that he enjoys chatting with you very much, that’s very nice. The “I miss u” is almost guaranteed to make my heart melt especially online or as offline messages, always sweet!

My “relationship” with Pablo (Valencia,Venezuela,25) is unusual. We -he rather- usually don’t take the time to say bye when we can’t chat anymore. We –he rather- don’t feel that we have to maintain the conversation at any cost, if we really have nothing to say or ask well we keep silent and neither him nor I will buzz the other or ask questions like “Are u there?” or say “Hellooo?”. That guy really is unusual.

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