Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 3

I spoke to Pablo again (Valencia, Venezuela,25), he made me laugh and smile. I can’t believe he hadn’t seen my photo yet. I guess he just didn’t ask for it, those days I show it to almost everyone who asks. It’s the longest we’ve talked so far, it was fun and weird. I told him that I had googled his named and found many results, I even found his photo. Now, that just scared him. I didn’t want him to think I was a freak or a stalker or whatever you would call it. He went on to try to find the same results I found, he had to admit I was a good “searcher” - you bet!-. I think I scared him. I’ll say it again, Pablo is so funny and nice! Guess what; he also tried to search for me (as if!). And he found nothing, not a single result. I’m just not as famous as he his!!!

I told him my complete name and he thought my surname was funky! He does have his way with words! Pablo is so cool!

Met a chava from Mexico. Well she didn’t stay around long. I wonder why girls are seldom interested in chatting with me and even less interested in adding me to their lists? I would be grateful to anyone who can give me an answer to that question (please?).

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