Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 1

Today I met a new Dominican (Antonio,25). He sounded interesting and interested, had no problem with me being black –so he said-. He asked me whether I was married at some point in the conversation and when I said no he asked whether I had children, I’m wondering, what difference does that make to him? Don’t know. In the end he didn’t add me on his list or asked me to add him. But he did say he would show me his picture tomorrow, if he does he will deserve me writing about him again, personally I don’t believe he will, we will know soon enough, patience. I know almost nothing about him, not even what he does for a living.

I met my new Venezuelan (Pablo,25) contact again. He is irresistibly funny! What can I say; he really can make me laugh. He’s also nice, surprisingly nice I must say, and not ugly (cute). Don’t bother ladies, I won’t give you his id :))! It seems that we are at the same stage of life, not completely out of school but already working -in connected fields-. He has this quick and efficient humor, guaranteed to make you laugh or smile at least. Unfortunately, my Spanish is not getting much better with him, we only chat in English –so far that is-.

Chatted also with my enthusiastic Indian friend (Sunny,25) from Mumbai (Bombay). You know what, we still enjoy talking to each other. He is very nice also, though that’s obvious since if he weren’t nice he would have been out of my list a long time ago. And I thought he might not want to talk to me anymore after that time we spoke about democracy in his country when he ended up saying that I made no point –how is that possible I ask myself- and also he said I am not willing to submit my believes to the scrutiny of logic –I can’t believe he actually said that-.

I met a number of people –men of course- who stopped talking to me when they knew my race, others stopped when they saw my picture :p , I didn’t know I could scare people away that fast! Girls, women, they usually don’t stick around too long, it starts nicely the first time and maybe a few other times also then soon we have nothing to say to each other, I’m still not interesting enough for any girl a woman to want to chat with me for at least a month or two.

My techy Indian friend in Hyderabad (Ravi,25) has not come online lately, I’m worried, he used to be there every day and now, I have to admit I miss him even though we never chat too long. He’s often busy with his work and for him it’s work first and then work and then after work maybe have some fun. He is one of those who did not mind me being a man or a woman; he didn’t mind my race or my country of origin or of residency. He saw me as a human being with whom he shared interests. He is one of those rare people I have IMed first and with whom I’m still talking; we’ve been talking for a number of months. I’ll repeat myself and say that he is very nice. He enjoys quotes from famous people, and jokes mostly computer/programming related jokes.

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